„We are also the ideal partner if you are only seeking specific technologies such as tooth milling or tooth flank grinding.“

Dipl. Ökonomin Katharina Scharpegge

We offer the following manufacturing technologies on a contract basis:

Tooth milling and tooth flank grindingØ 100 mm to Ø 3,000 mm
Max. length 3,500 mm
Module 1 to 55 and special modules
Internal ShapingMax. Ø 800 mm
Max. tooth width 215 mm
Module 1 to 16
TurningVertical: max. Ø 2,400 mm
Horizontal: max. Ø 1,200 mm
Cylindrical grindingWheels: max. Ø 2,000 mm
Shafts: max. Ø 650 mm
7-axis machining centerMax. Ø 4,000 mm
CAD/CAM interface for special tooth systems
Groove MachiningMax. width 100 mm, max. length 750 mm
Inspection and testingTooth geometry measurements: max. Ø 3,000 mm
Ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections
Grind burn inspections (Barkhausen noise and nital etching)